Then last month Signature Software Lab launch a new product “Document Verification Software” with IOS and Android app.

Verification, validation, and certification are essential in the life cycle of any system. The development of any system is not complete without rigorous testing and verification that the implementation is consistent with the specifications. Verification and validation have become important, especially in software.

Document verification software through online channels and reduce identity fraud. Our multi-channel solution allows your customers to self-enrol online with their smartphone, quickly and easily, anytime anywhere.

“Reduce identity fraud and streamline your sales processes!”

Verify the applicant’s identity online, During the verification process document will pass through

  1. Accountant Section
  2. Receptionist Section
  3. Typist Section

During document verification, the documents are passing through

  • Running purposes
  • Finished purposes

We also provide a complete account managing section with this product, you can manipulate and update your account section from any point during document verification


Classic validations are concerned with demonstrating the consistency and completeness of design with respect to the user needs. This is the stage where you actually build a version of the product and validate against the user requirements

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