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Android Augmented reality apps and artificial Intelligence

Augmented reality can best be described as a technology which has enormous prospects to be quite amazing, however, a large number of applications still fall quite short. It is however soothing to note that a number of AR applications for Android devices actually do have the capacity to accomplish this potential.

Examples of some of the best augmented reality apps include; ViewRanger which is a travel app, Google translate which helps to break language imposed barriers, Google lens which is used to analyze the photographs you take and a whole lot of others are some of the Android augmented reality Application apps to consider.

Languages used Kotlin

As of May 2017, the only programming languages which were supported for Android included C++ and Java. However, an official announcement was made by Google for Kotlin on Android in the year 2017 and it began with Android studio 3.0. Kotlin is added into the Android development toolset. What Kotlin does is that it compiles to the same byte code that is contained in Java, it also interoperates with the classes of Java in a natural way. Also, due to the fact that there appears to be no overhead for having to call back and forth between Java and Kotlin, including Kotlin.

One unique thing about kotlin is the fact that it supports anonymous functions, closures, higher order functions, generics as well as tail recursions. What this simply means is that kotlin has all the advantages and features which functional language such as Android has.

Artificial Intelligence and the Android Application

Artificial intelligence is a one technology which permits developers of applications to be able to achieve an upgraded user experience as well as help in improving the capabilities of the customer. Comprehending the voice commands as well as executing orders are a few of the uses of artificial intelligence on mobile devices.


Kotiin is simply an open source, general purpose and statically typed language for Android which fuses functional programming and object oriented features. It has a focus on safety, interoperability, tooling support as well as clarity. Kotlin started at KetBrains back in the year 2010 and it has been an open source ware since the year 2012.

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