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Web development company kerala

Web development which is also known as web programming is simply the process of coming up with rather dynamic web applications. Some of these applications include Facebook or certain E-commerce sites such as Amazon.

It is important to note that as far as web development is concerned, there are two major divisions of web development. This include front end development which is known as development or client side development and also the back end development that is also known as the server side development. A company such as SignatureSoftwareLab makes sure you get the best as far as both are concerned.

Front end web development

Front end developers talks about the construction of what a user sees when the attempt to load a web application. This includes the design, content as well as how they interact with it. This is achieved using three major codes namely CSS, JavaScript and HTML. HTML standing for Hyper Text Markup Language, while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

Back end web development

Back end development refers to the one that controls what happens behind the scenes as far as web applications are concerned. A back end most times make use of a database with a view to come up with the front end. There are a number of coding languages and frameworks which Back end-scripts are written such as Ruby on Rails, PHP. Perl, Java, Python, and Node.js

Manual and automated QA (Quality assured)

It is worthy of note that before a successful product is created, one has to ensure that it does not have any error which may have telling effects. As far as quality assurance is concerned, there are two major approaches namely the manual and the automated. For the manual approach, each specialist carries out a number of actions to check the results with the outcome expected.

Automated testing on the other hand entails making use of an existing tool which help in automating the tests and thereafter compare the results with outcomes expected.

R&D and consulting- web development company kerala

Research and development in web development is a vital component which requires the right company handling it for you. This stage is vital because it entails the development of the database as well as the testing and the debugging of the website.

Mobile responsive

Mobile responsive sites are such that are designed using responsive designs. It is also vital to point out that it is even best suited for developers owing to the fact that it is quite easy to work on. Also, it is easy to manage by the staff 0f your company even in a situation where they do not have much experience.