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IOS Augmented reality apps

Unlike what is obtainable with Virtual reality which involves the users being engrossed using a virtual world making use of a headset, Augmented reality involves a fusion of the virtual and real world. More often than not, AR sees images which are computer generated being superimposed on the view of the user of the real world, this is usually via a smartphone.

AR unlike VR is able to improve one’s view of reality as against completely changing it like VR does. Companies such as SignatureSoftwareLab are increasingly leveraging on the unlimited possibilities which AR has to offer on IOS.

The AR technology appears to be gaining ground, for instance, Apple is beginning to invest in AR. A year before now, Apple came up with its AR developer kit which is known as ARKit with a view to encourage a greater number of developers to make available AR experience.

Languages used swift (about swift)

Swift is an all-purpose compiled language for programming which was created by Apple Inc. for use on Linux, watchOS as well as IOS. An updated version of the swift is the swift 4 which is a buildup of some sort on the swift 3. It comes with added features such as serialization as well as smart key paths, this is in addition to the upgrade of the standard libraries


Coming up with swift code can be quite fun and interactive, it has a concise and expressive syntax, it also comes with some updated features which every developer should covet. Swift codes are quite safe in terms of design while also making available quick working software.

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