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Augmented reality apps for iOS

Unlike what is obtained with virtual reality, which involves For users to be engrossed in a virtual world using a headset, augmented reality involves a fusion of the virtual and real world. AR often displays computer-generated images that are overlaid on the user's view of the real world, this is usually via a smartphone.

AR, unlike VR, can improve the view of reality instead of completely changing it like VR does. Companies like Signature Software Lab are increasingly taking advantage of the limitless possibilities that AR on iOS offers. AR technology seems to be gaining ground, for example Apple is starting to invest in AR. A year ago, Apple launched its AR development kit, known as ARKit, with the goal of encouraging more developers to provide AR experiences.

Languages used swift (about swift)

Swift is a multipurpose compiled language created by Apple Inc. for use on Linux, watchOS, and iOS. An updated version of Swift is Swift 4, which is an improvement in some ways on Swift 3. It comes with additional features like serialization and smart key paths, in addition to the updated standard libraries.


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